Setting Stones
The Process

All gem stones are selected by the jeweler for quality. Unique designs are created and hand fabricated into striking heirloom pieces. A precision microscope is used for all gem setting.

Jewelry being hand made at Cape Cod Castaway.

In this example a high quality faceted pink tourmaline was hand set into a finely detailed ring.

Dreams of Creativity

Search the world for fabulous stones
and dream of a stage to set them upon.

Casting Fine Precious Metals

melting precious metal

Casting is a 6000-year-old process of melting metal and pouring into a mold to form an object. The oldest surviving casting is a copper frog from 3200 BC.

Cape Cod Castaway casts fine jewelry from precious metals
and also fabricates using traditional metalsmithing techniques.
Every jewelry item is a one of a kind original piece.

Custom cast wolf pendant howling at moon.

The custom cast wolf bays at the moon and star.

Custom hammered cuff bracelets.

Hand made cuffs with unique art etched into the silver

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