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Cape Cod Castaway

Cape Cod Castaway is located on Cape Cod Massachusetts. Fine artistic jewelry is designed and fabricated locally by a national award winning designer/jeweler Barry Tuttle. Top quality faceted stones are purchased from renowned GIA wholesalers. Barry Tuttle cuts and polishes cabochons from high quality precious and semiprecious stones. 

We appreciate the opportunity to thrive making one of a kind pieces of art that you can display on your body.  

Lapidary, Gems, and Cabochons -

What is Lapidary

Raw semiprecious rocks, used for making cabochons, are obtained from reputable miners/sources, locally cut and polished to be made into unique jewelry items. Barry selects the stones for quality, color, uniqueness, and creates the shapes which he polishes into beautiful works of art.

tiffany stone
The cabochon above was cut from raw semiprecious Tiffany Stone. Tiffany stone comes from Utah and is difficult to find and highly prized.

Raw Tiffany Stone
Raw Tiffany Stone.


An assortment of cabochons
Cabochons are non-faceted shaped and polished precious or semiprecious stones. The above photo shows a number of different stone. From top left to right: Tiffany Stone shield shape, Blue Lace Agate, Chrysocolla free form, Chrysocolla heart, Sodalite rectangle, Tiffany Stone arched free form, Moonstone oblong, Gary Green Jasper shield, Blue Lace Agate triangle with natural druzy edge, Sodalite square pyramid, Moonstone round.


Gems are semiprecious or precious faceted stones, but can be also created in the form of a cabochon. Most of the time stones are faceted to enhance the luster of a particular stone. Cape Cod Castaway purchases all of the faceted stones from GIA certified sources. Cape Cod Castaway does not offer lab grown, synthetic, or imitation gems.

Faceted gems and cabochons
Gems and cabochons.

Hand Made

We make every jewelry item by hand. We do not mass produce replicated jewelry by machines. Each piece we create will have its own unique character which is a symbol of the quality art we provide. At a time when most of the world sends computer drawings to off shore jewelry manufacturing plants, we maintain the bench made concept. Please support your local craftsman. We appreciate your business.

Working With Cape Cod Castaway

Many clients are excited when they find us because we can cut and shape a special stone for that truly unique jewelry item they have always wanted. Some jewelry clients ask for particular materials, shapes, or colors retaining Barry to make a unique item. Some clients chose stones from our ever changing selection of cabochons and faceted gems stock and work with Barry to design a fabulous piece of art. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Commissioned Jewelry

Cape Cod Castaway makes custom jewelry designed for you. Many of the items we create price from $200. To begin, most clients make an appointment for a free phone consultation with Barry. Barry will guide you through the process of designing a unique piece. Whether the item is meant to be worn by you or will be a gift, Barry can offer wise advice and professional design at no extra cost. Now is the time to own a hand crafted work of art. Please call Cape Cod Castaway at 774-228-3902 to begin the process.

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